KOAM (Corfu Brigade Racing Club) is an amateur sports club that belongs to the Greek Brigade Federation (EOM) and hence to the General Secretariat of Sport. It has about 110 members, at least half of whom regularly take part in races twice a week as well as on an exceptional three-day basis in our attic on the mezzanine of the Atlantis Hotel at 48 Xenophontos Stratigou Street (opposite the customs).


KOAM was founded in 1993 by Kostis Koutsakos with the help of George Poulimenos and since 1996 has been in the first place among the provincial clubs in Greece due to the participation and the very good performance of our athletes in the national championships.


In 1995, with the courtesy of George Rallis, we organized our first three-day festival with 120 athletes from all over Greece and introduced them to the opportunities that Corfu offers to combine the sport with their holiday on our beautiful island.


In 1996 we hosted an International Bridge Festival with the participation of 400 athletes from all over the world. Everyone left with the best impressions.


In 2000, the Greek Federation of Bridges, recognizing our successes and activities, commissioned us to organize the first Regional Championship of Western Greece. Many champions of Greek Bridge participated and all members of the KOAMM team participated in the event.


Corfu athletes perform excellently in the sport but lack the ability to train with Greek and foreign champions due to the distance from Athens. Such events are unique opportunities for them and they rightly complain that they are no more common.


That's why KOAM in the context of the effort to upgrade the sport and his desire to honor the memory of the late President Stamatis Arvanitakis, he decided in September 2002 to establish an annual Bridge Tournament (Stamatis Arvanitakos Cup) on October 28th. These matches have consistently been a great success. Specifically the 7th Cup in 2008, which was also the Regional Championship of Western Greece was generally acknowledged to be excellent in every respect, while in the 8th of 2009 it was held at the Corfu Tennis Club premises implementing the "healthy body in mind". Much of the successful event is due to the practical help of PIN, of the SE. Corfu, Corfu Municipality and private sponsors.